Children's Jewellery Making Parties!

Children's jewellery making parties exeter and east devon Are you looking for a unique party idea  that no-one else has thought of yet? Why not book your child a jewellery making beading party for their birthday. I offer children's jewellery making parties across all of Exeter and East Devon. I do go further afield in Devon, so do ask if you are interested to see if I will travel  to where you are. 

I bring all the beads and jewellery making equipment to your house or place of your choosing for the party. I provide paper party bags for the children to store their jewellery in afterwards.

The children will make seven different items of jewellery from a wide range of colourful acrylic, wooden and mental beads, including a headband, necklace, bracelet and earrings (clip-on earrings are available) to name a few. During the party they will learn some jewellery making skills and develop their fine motor skills.

Children's jewellery making beading parties exeter and east devon

I have run jewellery making beading parties across Exeter and East Devon on and off for the past 10 years under previously business names, Jean's Jewellery and Beading Diva.

Each party lasts for approximately one and a half to two hours, depending on how much the children chat! The parties are suitable for both girls and boys, aged from 6-10 years old. I currently charge £7.50 per child with a minimum booking of five children. (Prices correct September 2022)

Children's jewellery making birthday beading parties exeter and east devon

Please use the contact form at the bottom left of the page to enquire about booking a party for your child.