For Women Like You

Hello, I’m Jean, jewellery designer, maker and owner of Sophie-May Designs Jewellery. I create meaningful, minimalist jewellery based on what I call the Three Pillars. Jewellery that Motivates, Inspires and Empowers women like you who want to wear jewellery that has real meaning whilst at the same time makes you feel great.

The Three Pillars

Motivational Pillar 
The Motivational Pillar of jewellery has been created with you, the busy, working mum in mind who has one thousand and one things to do at once. You want jewellery that makes you feel good, as well as it having a special meaning behind it, making it more than just another piece of jewellery.

Inspirational Pillar
Jewellery under the Inspirational Pillar has been designed to make you feel more confident in yourself and the choices you make. The jewellery adds style to your outfit whilst the gemstones offer you their unique properties and qualities.

Empowering Pillar 
The Empowering Pillar of jewellery has been carefully designed to make you feel empowered, confident and your best-self in everyday life. Wear a piece of jewellery from this Pillar to help you feel unstoppable and unbeatable. 

Based in East Devon, I design and make jewellery in my studio, taking inspiration from the world around me, along with tuning into my emotions and creativity. I love creating one of a kind and commission pieces; making a piece of jewellery that reflects an individual is my favourite kind of creating. I sell both handmade and handcrafted jewellery, however, soon I will only be selling my handmade pieces. I pride myself on excellent customer service and making my jewellery all about YOU. 

My Story

Born in Ipswich, Suffolk, I moved to Devon in 2000 where I attended university to become a primary school teacher. Surrounded by beaches and beautiful countryside I knew this was where I was meant to.

My jewellery making journey started when I was in primary school. I would make and sell seed bead rings and friendship bracelets to friends for 2p. The love of expressing myself through jewellery has never left.

As well as making jewellery, I still love teaching. I now run several Beading Clubs in local schools so I can pass the love of jewellery making onto future generations and also run some adult jewellery making workshops in my local area.

Sophie-May Designs is named after my daughter Sophie-May, whom we sadly lost when I was five months pregnant in 2016. Shortly after, I commissioned a custom necklace made from sterling silver to commemorate her. Having previously made jewellery using less fine materials, it was then that I knew that I was destined to make the change to sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones; making jewellery that had meaning and gave the wearer the strength they needed to help them keep going, even when times are tough.


Pink Spiny Oyster handmade necklace, bezel set



 Join me on my journey as I learn new techniques and styles and incorporate these into  my designs.