Which necklace length should you choose?

Necklace length guide
Are you of the necklace length you should choose? Should you choose a 16” or 18” necklace length? Well, read on to find out which length would suit you best.
16” chains tend to sit higher on the neck, just above the collar bone and generally sit at the neckline of crew tops. The best 16” chain necklaces are the ones with dainty pendants. Some people can find the 16” a bit small and would think of it as more of a choker than necklace.
The 18” chain is the one I recommend if you are unsure of the length that you require, especially if buying for a gift for someone. It still sits high and works well with a range of necklines.
Sophie-May Designs has recently starting offering adjustable 22-24” sterling silver chains. These are the longest length that we offer and is perfect for larger pendants and pendants that you want to wear over  your favourite top.
Why not layer your necklaces by wearing all three lengths. A fancy chain such as a satellite chain offers a different look without the need of a pendant.

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