What is OOAK?


One of a kind jewellery subscription box UK

The term OOAK is an abbreviation of One-Of-A-Kind, meaning, exactly that, it is the only one of its kind and no other piece out there is the same. A piece of jewellery maybe OOAK due to it’s design, size, pattern on the metal or the natural variations in colourations of the gemstones.

The benefits of OOAK jewellery are that you are the only person in the world who owns a piece of jewellery like that. Unlike mass produced factory jewellery that is exactly the same as the other thousand or more pieces churned out by the factory, your piece if truly unique, just as unique as you are!
I remember going for a night out once. I was wearing a ring that I really liked from Dorothy Perkins, after arriving at the pub, I saw my friend was wearing the exact same ring. I quickly removed mine as I didn’t want to be seen wearing the same ring, I wanted to be unique.

I enjoy creating OOAK pieces of jewellery as I love how wearing a piece of OOAK jewellery makes me feel – unique, confident and special. OOAK pieces of jewellery also starts conversations with friends and strangers with questions about where I got the piece or just a simple complement about the piece.

October jewellery subscription box UK

If you too, like to be unique, check out the OOAK subscription boxes, each month you will be sent at least two pieces of handmade jewellery. No two OOAK subscription boxes will ever be the same.

Or alternatively, contact me directly about a custom-made piece of jewellery that I will make for your specific requirements, making it unique to you.

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