The Three Pillars of Sophie-May Designs Jewellery

Sophie-May Designs jewellery is based on three core pillars; jewellery that motivates and has a hidden meaning, jewellery that inspires and jewellery that empowers its wearer.

Each piece of jewellery and the quotes inside the boxes are carefully chosen to reflect one or more of these pillars.

Learn more about each collection below:

Motivational Range:

The Motivational range of jewellery has been created with the busy woman in mind who wants jewellery that makes you feel good, as well as having a special meaning behind it, making it more than just another piece of jewellery. When you wear or gift a piece of jewellery from the Motivational Range, you are wearing or gifting a piece of jewellery that motivates and brings out your inner strength.

Inspirational Range:
The Inspirational Range of jewellery has been designed to make you feel more confident in yourself and the choices you make. The Inspirational range adds style to your outfit whilst the gemstones offer you their unique properties and qualities.

Empowering Range:
When you wear a piece of jewellery from the Empowering Range you are wearing a piece of jewellery that has been designed to make you feel empowered, confident and unstoppable in your everyday life.

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