Teacher Appreciation Jewellery

Silver jewellery for teachers
Everyone has that one special teacher who inspired or motivated them as a child, whether that be through listening to their stories or just knowing that they believed in you.
Recently harry Styles stopped his concert when he discovered that his primary school teacher, Mrs Vernon, was in the crowd. He publicly thanked her and her colleagues on stage for everything she had done for him as child.
As a former primary school teacher, I hope I have inspired some of my former students and have shown them that they can achieve whatever they want in life if they put their mind to it.
At the end of each school year it is tradition for children to present their class teacher with a small gift as a token of thanks and appreciation for all the work and effort they have put into their teaching over the past year.
The Sophie-May Designs teacher appreciation range is the perfect meaningful gift for teachers. The silver jewellery will last for years to come and has true sentiment behind it. The messages within the box can be personalised with whatever message you would like, making them even more special.
Quotes inside the boxes to choose from include:
-'Best Teacher EVER!'
-'Thank you for being the star who taught me how to shine.'
-'Thank you for being the best teacher ever!'
-'A teacher holds a hand, but touches a heart.'
-'It takes a BIG heart to shape little minds.'
Of course, it's not just teachers who change lives, but teaching assistants too. The messages can also say 'teaching assistant' instead of 'teacher.'
My personal favourite pieces are the bee necklace and the heart studs.

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