Jewellery with Meaning; the meaning behind the pieces of meaningful jewellery.

One of the three pillars that my jewellery is based on is jewellery with meaning. I chose this as one of my pillars as I know first-hand how wearing a piece of jewellery that has meaning can make you feel. After losing Sophie, I had a necklace commission for myself, with an image of her footprint and her name engraved onto the front of a heart pendant, with the date I gave birth engraved on the reverse. Even though I had lost her, the fact that I could still carry a symbol of her existence with me was comforting.

Why choose Meaningful Jewellery?

The meaningful range that I offer is designed to give you hope, inspiration and general confidence in your everyday life. Whether it is the Dreamcatcher Necklace, or the Compass Bracelet, each piece is designed to reflect the message within the box, thus, when you wear the jewellery, you get a sense of the meaning behind it. Keep the jewellery stored within the box with the backing to remind you of it’s meaning each time you wear it.

The meaning behind each piece of jewellery explained:

  • Meaningful Bee Jewellery
    It is believed that bees represent a strong network of unconditional love and support as well as bringing good luck, wealth and abundance. When you wear a piece of bee jewellery, remember that you are worthy of unconditional love and support.
  • Meaningful Heart Jewellery
    Hearts represent friendship, affection, romance and lasting love. Each time you wear a piece of heart jewellery it will remind you to love yourself and to be kind to yourself.
  •  Meaningful Tree Of Life Jewellery
    In jewellery the tree of life represents grounding and stability as well as representing bonds between family members. By wearing a piece of this jewellery it will remind you of the bands you hold with loved ones near and far.
  •  Meaningful Celestial jewellery 
    The crescent moon is a symbol of new beginnings. When you wear a piece of moon jewellery, remember that from darkness there will always come light. Whilst stars represent motivation, protection, wishes and spirituality. 
  • Meaningful Hamsa Hand Jewellery 
    The Hamsa Hand offers protection for it's wearer and it is believed that it brings its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.
  • Meaningful Dreamcatcher Jewellery
    Dreamcatchers are designed to catch bad dreams and protect you from nightmares. The circle around the edge represents the circle of life, the web in the middle is believed to catch any bad dreams, while the feathers attract good dreams. Wear a piece of dreamcatcher jewellery to help to attract what you want from life, to dream big and to chase your dreams, whatever they may be.
  •  Meaningful Turtle Jewellery 
    In jewellery the turtle represents patience, strength and endurance. Turtle jewellery is perfect for when you need some inner strength, patience or endurance with a situation.

The overall purpose of wearing jewellery is to make you feel confident and your best self. The fact that this range of jewellery has meaning behind it makes it even more special. Lean into the meaning of each piece to really benefit from the strengths it offers you.

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