How to find the correct bracelet length for you

Bracelet length Finding perfect bracelet length

Finding the perfect bracelet length

Finding the correct bracelet length is important. I don’t know about you, but I hate it when a bracelet is too loose, I can’t relax wearing it as I am always conscious of it possibly falling off my wrist.

The best thing about buying from a small business like Sophie-May Designs is that I am able to customise the bracelet length to the length that you personally require, ensuring you get the best fit for you.

Follow the steps below to find the length you need:

-  Wrap a piece of string or wool around your wrist; consider the fit, a snug fit will fit closely to the skin, a comfort fit will have a little room for movement, and a loose fit will hang loosely on the wrist. You don’t want it too loose so that it could fall off your wrist when you put your arm down.

-  When you have found your perfect length, measure the string or wool against a rule, this will give you the length you need.

 A few things to consider when measuring for your new bracelet:

- Different styles of bracelets will look best at different lengths. For example, a bangle bracelet will look best when it is a snug fit, while a charm bracelet will look best when it is a loose fit.

-Some bracelets come with adjustable clasps, which allow you to adjust the length to your desired fit.

- A wider bracelet will require a larger size than a thinner bracelet of the same length.

- The threading material, an elastic bracelet will have a bit more ‘give’ and adjustment in it than a chain bracelet.

Generally, my bracelets come in 17cm, 18cm and 19cm with the option of customised sizes and an optional 2” sterling silver extension chain.

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