Choosing the right necklace length

Choosing the right necklace length

Finding the correct necklace length that suits both your face and body shape, can at times be a bit tricky.  Use this guide to help you find the best necklace length that suits you.

Necklace length guide

In jewellery, necklace lengths come in a range of standard lengths, from 14” right up to 46” so you are likely to be able to find a necklace that suits you and your needs. However, the great thing about buying from a small business and straight from the designer is that you are more likely to get the precise length that you need. Here at Sophie-May Designs I tend to use either 16”, 18”, adjustable 16”-18” or adjustable 20”-22”, however, I can supply necklaces in any length you require.

Below is a reference chart with a rough guide as to where the different length necklaces sit on the average woman. If you have a slightly wider neck and are considering shorter lengths, you may need to go up an inch or two in length.






14 inches


Tightly around the neck

Open-neck clothing such as scoop necks, V-necks, off-the-shoulder and boatnecks

16 inches


Tightly against base of throat

Almost everything

18 inches


On the collarbone

Almost everything

20 to 24 inches


Between the collarbone and the bust

Great for both business and casual wear

28 to 36 inches


On the bust or an inch or two below

High necklines and evening wear

36 to 42 inches


Wrapped to sit on or just below the centre of the bust

Elegant business and evening wear

Finding your necklace length

For a quick way to find your perfect necklace length, measure the length of the necklace that you wear most often. 
For a more measured way of finding your necklace length, start with your neck. Your neck has a length and width of it’s own. Long necks can wear just about anything whilst shorter necklaces can be a bit more tricky to find a necklace that suits. The most reliable way to see if a necklace suits you is of course to try it on if you can.

Necklace Lengths

A choker looks great on a long thin neck, however, on a shorter, wider neck, it can make the neck look wider than what it is, in this case, a longer necklace is more flattering. Almost any length necklace suits taller women, whilst shorter necklaces suit shorter women and are more flattering to their torso. The shape of the face can also have an impact on which necklace length to choose. Always check in a mirror to see if the necklace suits the shape of your face and brings out your best features.

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