All about Sterling Silver

Sterling silver facts

What is 925 sterling silver?

Sterling silver is a combination of metals and consists of 92.5% sterling silver and 7.5% alloy. This 7.5% is usually made of copper or zinc. Sterling silver is also stamped with ‘925’ to indicate that it is true sterling silver.

The pro’s of buying sterling silver jewellery:

  • Sterling silver Sterling silver is timeless and never goes out of fashion. It also goes well with almost any outfit.
  • It is highly durable and, when cared for properly it can last a lifetime.
  • Sterling silver is hypoallergenic. Unlike pieces that are made of inexpensive nickel, brass, or other base metals, which can irritate your skin, sterling silver jewellery doesn't contain metal additions that can cause an allergic reaction.
  • It is easy to care for. Wearing your jewellery often actually helps prevent tarnishing. The oils on your skin 'clean' the metal, which means you don't have to worry about that dirty look. If it does tarnish, it can be easily cleaned with polishing liquid and cloth.

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